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Our team has over 58 years of combined experience applying acoustic panels in Pittsburgh. Our experience with a variety of acoustic panels can be seen all over Pittsburgh, throughout Pennsylvania and in West Virginia and Ohio. In many cases, you won’t even notice they’re there. We’ve helped many Pittsburgh companies with the selection and design of acoustic panels appropriate for their unique situation.

Let us help you with your acoustic challenges. We have the acoustic products and experience to provide the best possible solution in Pittsburgh. Call us at 1-877-406-6473.

Here are examples of some recent Pittsburgh projects:

Wooden Acoustic Panels

The National Aviary in Pittsburgh uses our wooden acoustic panels in the Helen M. Schmidt FliteZone Theater(tm) to enhance the acoustic environment. The wooden panels blend seamlessly into the environment while providing absorption to improve the acoustics.

The wooden panels contain holes that allow sound to pass through. A fiberglass membrane is adhered to the back of the panel. This design allows sound energy to flow through the holes and be absorbed by the fiberglass.

The wood panels can be cut to various sizes and shapes to allow for a variety of architectural and design requirements.

Pittsburgh Aviary Wooden Acoustic Panels

Stretched Fabric Acoustic Panels

Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania utilizes our stretched fabric acoustic wall panels in Andrews Steakhouse and the Wheelhouse. The panels help control the build-up of noise from the restaurant, bar and the many televisions of the sports bar.

Our acoustic panels can be seen in classrooms and offices at Penn State University. See our YouTube channel for a video that shows how easily it is to make quick repairs to a stretched fabric acoustic wall panel system that was installed for over 8 years ago.

We have fabric wrapped acoustic panels installed in law firms, theaters, restaurants, sports facilities, hospitals, universities, studios, associations and corporate offices all over Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania and the region.

At the State Theater in State College, PA it is difficult to notice, but our black stretched fabric acoustic panels cover the front of the balcony. Gold fabric covers the acoustic panels on the front of the boxes and the back wall of the theater.

Pittsburgh Casino White Stretched Fabric Acoustic Wall Panels

Industrial Acoustic Panels

In the Pittsburgh area, our industrial acoustic panels are installed on top of telephone company buildings to reduce the transmission of noise into the neighborhood caused by rooftop cooling equipment.

They are also installed at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh in Friendship to help absorb the noise from rooftop air conditioning compressors so it is not transmitted into the neighborhood..

Marcellus gas compressor stations throughout the area are lined with our Oelex acoustical panels and blankets to help reduce the level of noise both inside and out.

Marcellus shale drilling sites have our temporary acoustic wall barriers surrounding them to mitigate noise produced by drilling equipment. Our system has minimal impact on the environment since no footing or permanent structure is needed to support it.

Oelex SiteBarrier Noise Wall

Custom Residential Acoustic Panels

Large homes with open areas and hard reflective surfaces can experience acoustic problems as well. We’ve worked in many such homes in the Pittsburgh area to provide an acoustic solution without detracting from the beauty of the home.

Our crews our accustomed to working in distinctive homes and understand the special needs that must be addressed in these types of installs. You can rest assured our crews will treat your home with the utmost care and respect.

Residential Acoustic Panels

Oelex Acoustic Panels

Oelex Acoustic Panels are our own brand of pre-fabricated acoustic panels that can be ordered in a variety of sizes, edge finishes and durability requirements. Custom sizes and shapes are available also. Different mounting options are available such as impalling clips and 2 part mechanical clips (z-clips), as well as the 55 fabric colors from the Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100 series of fabrics.

Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels

Custom Printed Acoustic Panels

We can provide artist acoustic panels that have images of your choice pre-printed on the fabric. We can provide pre-fabricated panels if the dimensions are within certain limits. We can also do a custom install for artist acoustic panels that are larger than 8 feet in length.

The examples shown in this picture were accomplished with a combination of 2 pre-fabricated acoustic panels on the sides along with a custom 14 foot wide acoustic panel in the middle.

Custom printed artistic acoustic panels