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Sound Barrier Floor Underlayment

Increase sound isolation and reduce impact noise

Oelex Softstep acoustic floor underlayment minimizes airborne transmission of noise from above or below a floor partition. It is also effective in reducing impact noise (foot stomp).

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Acoustic Floor Underlayments are used to control foot fallnoise between floor and ceiling assemblies. Two types of noise can be transmitted through these assemblies: airborne noise and structure borne noise. Airborne noise such as loud speech, television, or music, is controlled or blocked by heavy weighted material – the heavier the material the better the performance at blocking airborne noise.

These materials are rated in STC, or Sound Transmission Class. Structure Borne Noise is commonly referred to as impact noise, such as footfall, dragging furniture, dog walking, etc. Structure borne noise is controlled by absorbing the vibration under foot.

A common absorbing product is carpet, it cushions where you walk thereby reducing impact noise into the unit below. Acoustic underlayments are used specially to cushion vibration energy and are associated with Impact Isolation Class (IIC). The higher the IIC number is the better impact isolation reduction from impact noise will be. IIC testing is only for floor/ceiling assemblies.

Things to consider when using acoustic underlayment include:

  • Product thickness
  • Type of floor
  • Desired level of isolation
  • Installation method

when using acoustic underlayment solutions, the four critical elements are blocking, durability, flexibility and decoupling.


Acoustic barriers are used to contain noise within a space


Designed for both indoor and outdoor, as well as high temperature applications


Simple field adjustments can be made to fit these panels into any space


Underlayments can reduce impact noise by decoupling the floor surface from the structure below

why oelex acoustic floor underlayment?

Oelex Softstep acoustic floor underlayments offer superior impact isolation and transmission loss. Available in a variety of thicknesses and materials, our products can be used with most flooring systems to reduce sound transmission from one floor to the floor below.

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