Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Acoustic Wood Wall Panels
Acoustic wood wall systems offer the beauty of real wood with the added benefit of acoustic performance. Acoustic wood wall panels are fabricated in a variety of configurations to meet a majority of acoustical requirements. Though flat, rigid materials are inherently reflective, balancing sound reflection and absorption is achieved through perforation. Perforated rigid materials, in conjunction with absorptive backings, allow for aesthetically pleasing finishes along with exceptional acoustic performance. Wood absorptive panels come with a standard black, non-woven textile acoustical backer. Additional absorption can be achieved by back loading the panels with additional absorptive material and is required in wall installations without a minimum of an 8″ cavity. Absorption is achieved by state of the art CNC machinery producing a series of elongated perforations (slots) or round perforations with regular or irregular patterns or a series of linear grooves with a perforated or slotted backside. Through this state of the art process, NRC’s as high as 0.90 can be achieved.

WoodTrends wall and ceiling systems manufactured by Sound Seal Corporation show the beauty of real wood with the added benefit of acoustic performance. WoodTrends panels and planks are available for wood wall and wood ceiling applications and utilize standard industry mounting components. WoodTrends Panels are available in six different systems for wood walls and ceilings in a variety of popular as well as exotic wood veneer species, and are offered as both absorptive & reflective acoustical systems. WoodTrends systems are constructed using an MDF core & are available with chipboard or plywood cores. WoodTrends systems are available with Class “A” or “C” MDF/Chipboard for interior use or a Class “B” moisture resistant MDF for concealed exterior use as rated per ASTM E 84. Also available is a Class “A” rated MDF with no added urea formaldehyde.
WoodTrends Ceiling and Wall Panels are finished with 2 coats of clear UV-polyacrylate UV enhanced lacquer. Other sheens as well as custom staining are available upon request.


WoodTrends Standard

WoodTrends Standard is genuine wood plank wall or ceiling treatment with perforations or grooves able to achieve NRC values as high as 0.90. The system is built on an MDF or chipboard core and the veneer is finished with two coats of a UV-polyacrylate lacquer. This system can be installed with the attachment of nailclips onto furring strips. WoodTrends Standard Wall Panels are offered in two edge details; reveal edge and flush edge. Reveal edge detail leaves a 10mm groove between planks, with wood strips provided to conceal nailclips. Flush edge detail features edges that butt together, so no wood strip is needed. A 2mm bevel defines the seam between the planks. WoodTrends Standard Wall Panels are available in 24 standard and 40 custom veneers

• Class A Fire-Rated Composites Available
• NRC Values As High As 0.90
• MDF, Chipboard, or Plywood Substrates
• Flush Or Reveal Edge Detail Available
• Standard Plank Sizes: 4.5”, 7.5”, 9.4”, 11.4” x 95”, 108” 119”
• Custom Plank Sizes Available


Woodtrends-ToplineWoodTrends Topline

WoodTrends Topline is a tongue and groove plank system that is easily installed on walls with nail clips to wood furring strips. Built on the concept of creating high performance acoustical products with exceptional aesthetic value, WoodTrends Topline Acoustical Wood planks incorporate a variety of configurations to meet every acoustical requirement.  Available plank sizes are 5” or 11” wide by up to 10’ long. Installation of WoodTrends Topline creates a monolithic finished look. Additional acoustics can be achieved with a layer of high-density fiberglass mounted behind the product.

• Class A Composite Ratings Are Available
• NRC Ratings as high as 0.90
• MDF, Chipboard or Plywood Substrates
• Standards Sizes – 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 4’


Woodtrends-TimbreWoodTrends Timbre

WoodTrends Timbre offers flexibility in acoustics and design using an economical, tongue and groove plank-style system for walls or ceilings. Acoustics is achieved by cutting grooves through channeled chipboard, thereby creating a resonant cavity. Installation is made simple by gluing and nailing the planks to the existing furring strips on walls or ceilings. An overlap edge detail provides for a seamless finished look. Varying core thickness and groove size provide for different acoustic results and design flexibility.

• Class A fire-rated composites available
• NRC values as high as .080 with slotted back of panel option
• 4mm groove 33mm apart
• 23.6” wide plank
• Standard length Timber 2/2 – 102” Timber 31/1 – 98”


Woodtrends-Custom-Wood-PanelsWoodTrends Custom

WoodTrends Custom wall systems offer unique flexibility for customizing any system to meet the most demanding design criteria. WoodTrends Custom can include special support systems, precut light and HVAC openings, custom perforation and slot patterns, or special stains and finishes.


The WoodTrends wood veneered wall and ceiling panel line offers various options to accommodate progressive thinking in promoting environmentally friendly products. Although the use of veneer itself is not available for a LEED point writing, the use of veneer allows the greatest possible yield of useable wood from any given tree.

Possible LEED credits for WoodTrends Panels:

• Credit MR 4.1 – 5% Recycled Content
• Credit MR 4.2 – 10% Recycled Content
• Credit MR 6 – Renewable Resources – Bamboo veneer, a rapidly renewable grass is available.
• Credit MR 7 – Certified Wood – Many of the available veneers are certified.
• Credit EQ 4.1 – Low Emitting Materials – WoodTrends uses a latex adhesive.
• Credit EQ 4.4 – Low emitting Materials; Composite Wood – WoodTrends Panels are available with both a Class C & Class A fire rated MDF added urea-formaldehyde.