Barrier Backed Composites

Barrier Backed CompositeThe most effective noise control barriers combine the properties of both blocking and absorption. Barrier Backed Composites feature a reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier with a quilted fiberglass sound absorber on one side for maximum noise reduction. The rugged durable exterior barrier is commonly used as a wrap or acoustical jacket due to its ability to conform to any shape. The quilted fiberglass layer decouples the noise barrier to enhanced its acoustical performance. BBC Composites are available in bound or unbound rolls as well as custom fabricated panels and die cut pieces making it an extremely versatile sound control product.

  • Preferred for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Use in acoustical enclosures where abuse resistance or excellent durability is required.
  • Used To Fabricate exterior sound curtains
  • Frequently used as sliding doors on acoustical curtain enclosures.
  • Commonly used as an acoustical jacket or wrap
  • Fire safe and low smoke emissions per ASTM E-84, Class 1
  • Interior/Exterior Grade Vinyl facings are available in white, tan, black, or gray.
  • High Temp Silicone Facing available for high temperature applications up to 550 Fº
  • Reinforced barrier is available in tan, or gray
  • Diamond patterns or straight stitch patterns are available
  • Sound Absorption Rating To NRC 1.05
  • Transmission Loss Rating to STC-32


Product Sound Transmission Loss (dB)
Frequency (Hz)
Thickness(In./Nom.) Wt.lB/S.F. 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
BBC-13 1 1.5 11 16 24 30 35 35 27
BBC-13-2″ 2 1.5 13 20 29 40 50 55 32


Sound Absorption Data-Absorber Component Random IncidentSound Absorption
Product Octave Band Center Frequences (Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
BBC 1″ Thick .12 .47 .85 .84 .64 .62 .70
BBC 2″ Thick .07 .27 .96 1.13 1.08 .99 .85



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