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Are You Getting The Message?

Your mood and your productivity are affected as much by the sound of your world as any other sensory input. In fact our sense of sound is our only sense that is not selective. Just try not hearing something! We can close our eyes and hold our breath, but we cannot turn off our ears. […]

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Home Theater Acoustics – Listen to Your Speakers, Not Your Room

Home Theater Acoustics Primer So you’ve decided you’re going to invest in some home theater equipment. You head off to the dealer’s showroom and are blown away by the top of the line system and lay down $5000.00 bucks and head home. Brimming with excitement, you spend hours mounting and installing everything until the big […]

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The effects of noise on learning.

Make learning environments a priority now Census projections indicate 400,000 additional students will enter our schools each year for the next 50 years. This means 16,000 new classrooms will be needed each year. The negative effect of noise on students and teachers is well documented. Now is the time to design for our ears as […]

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