Catenary Banners

Catenary Banners


Catenary BannersOELEX Catenary Banners are the ideal solution for adding absorption to large open venues such as concert arenas, sports venues, and shopping malls. They are available in 1” or 2” thickness with sizes up to 4’ x 25’ long and are easily installed on ceilings with grommets.

OELEX Catenary Banners have durable sewn edges and are available in PVC, sailcloth, or Guilford of Maine FR701 facings.



  • 2.0 PCF Core


  • Grommets

Acoustical Data:
NRC Rating

  • 1” ………….…… 0.65-0.75
  • 2” …………….… 0.85-0.90

Edge Detail:

  • Sewn Edges


  • PVC
  • Sailcloth
  • Guilford of Maine FR701

Fire Rating:

  • All components have a Class A fire rating per ASTM-84



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