Improve your hearing for hunting!

Oeler Industries offers custom fitted hearing enhancement and protection solutions for hunting hearing protection.

The ultimate gift for the hunter who has everything!


Oelex SonicArmor

Reduce wind noise, increase situational awareness, hear in 360° and prevent hearing damage.

Get a competitive advantage on your next hunting trip!

Our Oelex SonicArmor earplugs have 4 different settings to enhance your hearing in a variety of conditions.  You can choose settings that are best for tracking movement when there is little or no environmental noise such as wind or rain, or choose settings to help filter out those unwanted sounds.

Regardless of which setting is used, your hearing is protected from the damaging noise of a gun shot.  Oelex SonicArmor earplugs limit the amount of noise your ears receive, which at gun shot levels can cause immediate and permanent hearing damage.

Since everyone’s ear has a different shape, kind of like a fingerprint, these are custom made for each individual.  We have staff trained in making molds.

If this is a gift and you don’t want to have the custom molds done in advance, we can provide a gift certificate and take care of the molds later.

Give us a call at 1-877-406-6473 if you have any questions or want to place an order.