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Excessive noise can be annoying, distracting and dangerous. Proper application of noise control products can provide a more pleasant, productive and safer environment. If you have a noise control problem in a residential, corporate or industrial environment, we can help.

Our team of noise control experts has extensive experience resolving noise problems. They will steer you in the right direction and won’t sell you products you don’t need and doesn’t resolve your problem. We pride ourselves in upholding the highest level of integrity in the noise control industry and our clients in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and surrounding areas can attest to our success.

Discuss your noise control problems with our team and if you choose, meet with them at our Pittsburgh office, or we can meet you at your location to discuss how we can help you achieve your noise control and acoustics goals.

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Oil & Gas Noise Impact Studies & Mitigation

  • Continuous Noise Monitoring

  • Indoor & Outdoor Equipment Enclosures

  • Hospital Noise Improvements

  • Healthcare, Corporate and Law Enforcement Speech Privacy

  • Office, Theater & Worship Space Acoustics

  • Gymnasium, Multipurpose Room and Corridor Acoustics

  • OSHA compliance, testing, monitoring and hearing protection

  • Building Code and Noise Control Ordinance Compliance

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What is Noise?

Quite simply, noise is unwanted sound.

Noise can be controlled via a variety of noise control products by absorbing, blocking, covering and diffusing the unwanted sound.

Absorbing Noise

Sound absorption products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each serving specific needs in noise control. High frequency noise reduction should be treated in a different manor than low frequencies. Our Pittsburgh team has the experience to evaluate your noise control problems and recommend the most effective form of treatment.

Blocking Noise

Blocking is another effective method of noise control if done properly. Noise can be blocked by using isolation and barriers. Isolation can be achieved by using mounting products or structure redesign. Installation requires an understanding of noise control objectives so mistakes are not made that reduce their effectiveness.

Barriers used for noise control increase the mass sound must travel through. Noise control products such as mass loaded vinyl, barrier backed composites, rubber underlayment, gap sealants and damping compounds are used in these applications.

Covering Noise

When absorbing and blocking noise is not an option, noise control can be achieved through the introduction of carefully tuned sound. Sound masking systems produce a broad spectrum of sound that can be tuned to achieve specific objectives. For example, it could be tuned to the frequencies of human voice to mask conversation, or to the sound of a beeping device to make it less noticeable, as we have done in Pittsburgh hospitals..

Diffusing Noise

Diffusion methods are used to scatter sound in order to prevent harsh reflections or echo (sometimes referred to as flutter). This type of noise control is typically used in recording or performance spaces.

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