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OELEX Pyramid Diffusers are perfect for applications that require a high degree
of sound diffusion, such as music rooms, band rooms, and concert halls. They
are lightweight and easy to install in a standard ceiling grid or can be installed
on walls with a 2 part clip system.

OELEX Pyramid Diffusers are constructed of high strength reinforced fiberglass
molded in a one piece pyramid shape. Pyramid diffusers are finely tuned to reflect
sound and are available in a standard white gel-coat finish or optional fabric

One piece construction high strength molded reinforced fiberglass

CEILINGS: Grid clips or lay-in 15/16″ standard
ceiling grid system
WALLS: 2 part mechanical clips at top, hook and
loop fastners at bottom

23″ x 23″ x 12″
47″ x 47″ x 12″

Standard white Gel-coat
Guilford of Maine FR701
Style 2100 is standard
Designer and customer
specified fabrics are available

Fire Rating
All components shall have a Class A rating per


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