City of Austin, City Hall Remodel

Oeler Industries, Jack Kress, came through, big time, for me on a very high visibility job and allowed us to finish on time.  Impeccable customer service and response times.  My order, that would have taken 3-4 weeks, was knocked down to one week, including shipping, by simply paying a small expediting fee.  Now that is understanding the fast paced environment that we work in and delivering!!!

Joe Barmish, Jamail & Smith Construction, LLC,

... I did recognize an appreciable change in the sound coming from the HVAC units over the past few weeks.  While the noise is not "gone", it has changed in two ways.  The first is the removal, or greatly diminished, low frequency pulse that was quite pervasive.  The other is the reduction in the overall sound from the fans from the unit above the condensors....

... I feel that the project has been successful in reducing the overall noise and bringing the "pulse" to a level that is not noticeable.  The litmus test that I was using was "can I hear the birds in my backyard when it is above 75 degrees?".  The answer is yes.  While I can still hear the HVAC units, it is within a reasonable range.  I appreciate the help, funding and participation from our Councilmen and Mayor, and I am hopeful that City Council can construct legislation that can help other city residents avoid this unfortunate situation in the future....

City of Pittsburgh, Friendship Resident,

I worked with Oeler on three restaurant projects which each had unique sound challenges that required technical solutions, but desired a particular design aesthetic.  Oeler worked with me from design development through to the opening of the restaurants to assist in achieving a sound solution that works.

Teresa Bucco, Bucco Architecture