Oeler Industries was founded in 1997 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a mission to provide the best acoustical products and services in the industry. At Oeler Industries Inc., we understand that a comfortable acoustic enviroment contributes greatly to productivity and safety. We also understand the challenges of achieving those objectives. With an appreciation for aesthetically pleasing designs and detail, we will customize a solution for you.


… I did recognize an appreciable change in the sound coming from the HVAC units over the past few weeks. While the noise is not “gone”, it has changed in…

– City of Pittsburgh, Friendship Resident
I worked with Oeler on three restaurant projects which each had unique sound challenges that required technical solutions, but desired a particular design aesthetic. Oeler worked with me from design…

– Teresa Bucco Bucco Architecture


  • June 27, 1997 Oeler Industries, Inc. receives articles of incorporation.
  • July 14, 1997 Oeler Industries, Inc. receives our first order from Parkline, Inc. for four Acoustic Louvers.
  • September 1998 Oeler Industries, Inc. enters into representation agreement with Lencore Acoustics Company.
  • March 1999 Oeler Industries, Inc. receives contract to supply acoustic engine test chambers for Cannondale’s new motorcycle production facility in Bedford, PA.
  • July 1999 Oeler Industries, Inc. signs a lease for the property at 185 Chapman St. in Sharpsburg, PA.
  • March 10, 2000 Oeler Industries, Inc. is awarded the contract to supply Novawall Acoustic Panels and Industrial Acoustics Doors for the O’Reilly Theater in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • April 2000 Oeler Industries, Inc. enters exclusive distribution contract for Novawall Stretched Fabric Acoustic Panel System.
  • October 2000 Oeler Industries, Inc. Receives contract to supply and install Lencore Spectra Sound Masking in the new Headquarters for Eat’n’Park.
  • December 2000 Oeler Industries, Inc. Receives first contract of many to supply and install Lencore Spectra Sound Masking in the world headquarters of Bayer.
  • April 2002 Oeler Industries, Inc. purchases the 15,000 square foot property at 4700 Clairton Blvd, in Pittsburgh PA and moves its expanding operation to its current location.
  • August 2004 Oeler Industries, Inc. Receives exclusive distribution rights for Sound Seal Products of Agawam, MA.
  • September 2004Oeler Industries, Inc. completes acoustics package installation for the Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry PA
  • April 24, 2005 Oeler Industries, Inc. purchases the four remaining beer tap handles from Chiodo’s Tavern in Homestead at auction
  • August 2005 Oeler Industries, Inc. begins distribution of vibration isolation products manufactured by PAC International, Inc.
  • January 2007  Oeler Industries, Inc. launches the new www.oeler.com as an informative resource site for the advancement of acoustic technologies
  • March 2007  Oeler Industries, Inc. launches www.soundcontrolforless.com as an
    online superstore for acoustic products, making it easier for people to find quality acoustic products.