Acoustic EXPERTS

Since 1997

Oeler Industries, Inc. has been delivering quality sound and acoustic products to the Pittsburgh Area by being experts in our field.


Consultation & Design

With over 25 years of experience solving noise control issues, we’ll plan a solution to fit your acoustic needs. Whether it’s integrating into interior design, complying with ordinances, or just helping with traffic noises in your neighborhood, we’ve got your back.



We offer 100% guaranteed expert installation services. Our install crews are experienced and certified, and have the knowledge and insight necessary to provide consistent quality and customer satisfaction on every project.



Don’t just react to maintenance issues after they surface – plan ahead with a predictive maintenance system to eliminate the costs and downtime of urgent machinery issues before the problem arises with our SmartDiagnostics(R) System.


Consider what your
environment sounds like
or doesn’t sound like.

Whether your workspace is a corporate office or a heavy industrial facility, excessive noise can be distracting and dangerous. At Oeler Industries, Inc., we understand that a comfortable acoustic environment contributes greatly to productivity and safety. We also understand the challenges of achieving those objectives. With an appreciation for aesthetically pleasing designs and detail, we will customize a solution for you.

It’s all we do.



Your Building as Part of Your Brand: Designing Spaces that Tell Your Story 

Today, in the tough world of business competition, your brand goes beyond just a logo. When people step into your physical spaces, whether it is a store, office, or restaurant, they enter a carefully curated world that tells your brand’s story. This story goes beyond mere looks – it is about creating a connection that […]

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Project Spotlight: Firewater Kitchen & Bar – Custom Acoustic Panels

In a recent article, we discussed restaurant noise and some of the challenges of fixing the issue. When we experience a place, it’s not just visual elements that we take in, but also acoustic elements. When restaurants are overly noisy, what should be an enjoyable time with friends or family becomes stressful and we want […]

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Let’s Get Together. I Miss You! And In-person Meetings.

Virtual meetings have become a staple in today’s business world. Despite the convenience and cost-effectiveness of virtual meetings, they can also present a unique set of challenges when it comes to communication. One of the main issues with virtual meetings is that it can be difficult to read body language and facial expressions, which can […]

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