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We know acoustics.
It’s all we do.

Consider what your environment sounds like – or doesn’t sound like. Whether your workspace is a corporate office or a heavy industrial facility, excessive noise can be distracting and dangerous. At Oeler Industries, Inc., we understand that a comfortable acoustic environment contributes greatly to productivity and safety and can help see your project through design, installation and completion.


1. Listen
We qualify customers, understand their goals, and listen to their unique stories to address their acoustic needs effectively.


2. Investigate
We’ll assess sound-related issues, establish quantitative goals and objectives, discuss customer expectations, determine needs, scope, and set realistic expectations to tailor our products and services to your specific requirements.

3. Design
We take care of everything from measuring the space, creating the drawings, and placing the orders. Count on us to make the process seamless for you.


4. Build
With precision and expertise, we execute the plan, constructing and creating the acoustic environment you’ve envisioned, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction.

5. Enjoy
Hear the difference. Our tried and tested process has never let us down, and our customers are always delighted with the results.

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