Sound masking


Ensures Speech Privacy

Sound masking, when properly calibrated, provides the ideal solution to balance speech privacy and comfort.

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what is sound masking?

Sound Masking introduces a spectrum of noise which gently raises the ambient background sound in order to cover, or mask, speech. Achieving the proper balance between privacy and comfort is the hallmark of an effective sound masking system. Speech Privacy is achieved by raising the noise level to a point that makes conversations unintelligible.

Comfort is achieved through the quality and range of the sound produced.

Key features of a sound masking system include:

  • Tunability
  • Ease of Balancing
  • Network Connectivity
  • Field Service
  • Range of Frequencies
  • Ease of Use

IN DESIGNING A Sound Masking SYSTEM, THE Three CRITICAL ELEMENTS ARE Temporal and Spatial Uniformity, Frequency Range, and Repeat Time

1. Uniformity

Sound masking volume should not vary more than +/- 0.5 dB over time or space in order to ensure both speech privacy and comfort.

2. Frequency Range

Sound masking systems should be capable of delivering all frequencies audible to human hearing.

3. Repeat Time

Exceptional sound masking systems have a repeat time of longer than 8 hours.


With over 30 years of experience in the design, installation, tuning, balancing, and servicing of sound masking systems around the world, Oeler Industries, Inc. is the only company that understands the unique acoustic needs of each client.

Our sound masking systems combine state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology with industry-leading expertise to deliver turnkey solutions that are unobtrusive, effective, and easy to use.


As experts in acoustic design, we can help develop an effective, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing acoustic solution that helps your organization improve the quality and productivity of time spent in your facility.

Our project managers will work with you to assess your noise control needs. With a keen focus on delivering a turn-key solution, we can help design an acoustic package to solve any noise issue.


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