Continuous vibration monitoring, wirelessly!

Oeler Industries, now offering wireless vibration monitoring

Oeler Industries Inc. has partnered with KCF Technologies to delivery the latest vibration monitoring technology.  KCF Technologies is an innovative leader in the field of predictive maintenance systems.Vibration Monitor System

Vibration monitoring is an important tool in the maintenance of pumps and motors.  Failures can be adverted by early warnings of changes in the health of a system and down times can be schedule accordingly.

Some equipment that needs evaluated on a regular basis may be in difficult t0 reach locations, or locations that pose a threat to employee safety.  Wireless vibration monitoring allows for the evaluation of equipment without requiring human intervention.

Installation costs are significantly reduced by a wireless system and many wireless monitoring nodes can be placed quickly via magnetic and adhesive mounts.

Remote monitoring can be achieved through the use of a cellular connection.  KCF also offers a collection server at the receiver unit, where the use of a computer is not feasible such as on a roof or highly restricted areas.

Energy harvesters can also be provided to power the wireless nodes so batteries don’t need to be changed. Although dependent on the rate that samples are taken, the battery life can be expected to last as long as 2 years.

A complete turn key solution is available through a cloud based hosted monitoring service.  Software can also be installed locally on your own system.  The cloud based solution saves you from having to worry about  system administration tasks such as backups, redundancy and updates.

The wireless system is protected against electromechanical interference by very low data rates and a proprietary low powered system that will not interfere with existing wireless networks.

Oeler Industries experience working with industrial vibration control uniquely qualifies us to bring value to these installations.  Working in industrial, sensitive and sometimes volatile environments is nothing new to us.

If you would like further explanation or have any questions about any of these technologies please post a comment below, give us a call at 1-877-406-6473 or send us an email at [email protected].