Inside Look: The Greer Cabaret Theater

After a 13-month hiatus, the Greer Cabaret Theater made its return in September 2023 following a $6 million renovation, which included significant improvements to the acoustic environment.

The renovation project was a joint effort between DLR Group from Ohio and mossArchitects based in Pittsburgh. DLR Group, leveraging their in-house acoustic specialist, spearheaded the design of the acoustic improvements. Guardian Construction Management Services oversaw the construction, while DeFrank and Sons, the interior contractor, played a pivotal role in bringing us into the project in March 2023, based on a recommendation.

During collaborative discussions with the architects and acousticians, they expressed a need for design assistance and additional product options to achieve their vision. Originally, the design called for individual prefabricated panels with wood inlay and a curved top. However, upon reviewing the plans, our project manager, Ken Lucci recognized the (expensive) impracticality of this approach and proposed utilizing Novawall instead. After numerous discussions, mockups, and fabric samples, we successfully demonstrated that our Novawall Stretched Fabric System was the only way to move forward.  We then conducted a test mockup of one of the curved walls in the banquet seating area before proceeding with the acoustical panels in the theater area. 

The project ultimately involved installing 900 square feet of Novawall acoustic panels, faced with Guilford of Maine Anchorage in Color Wolf. These panels, crafted with a blend of MDF and acoustic fiberglass, offered both reflective and absorptive qualities. Thanks to the dedication of our installation crew, the architectural acoustics were completed within two weeks, just in time for the theater’s grand reopening in September 2023.