Oeler Industries, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years of Making the World Sound Better

Where It All Began

With a makeshift fax machine, a computer and avid determination, Oeler Industries, Inc. came to life in June of 1997. Matt Oeler rolled the dice when taking a mortgage out on his home in White Oak, Pennsylvania to finance projects and even to buy groceries in order for Oeler Industries, Inc. to become more than just an idea. It has grown into a thriving business, which has been helping businesses and people control how sound affects behavior over the last 25 years!

After working for a company that made industrial fume exhaust and air purification systems, Matt recognized that there was a need for creating solutions for controlling noisy environments. Whether it’s keeping workers safe or protecting one’s privacy, Oeler Industries, Inc. is capable of designing and executing plans to deliver acoustics that are appropriate for the intended use of spaces.

Meet Our Team

Oeler Industries, Inc. has accumulated a strong, close-knit team of talented individuals. As the company has grown, it has been critical to create a team whose talents have a bit of overlap.

  • Peg Smith has over 20 years under her belt and has a real knack for knowing where everything is. She’s a true asset to our team and her retirement will be exceptionally bittersweet.
  • Rob Beck is our Technical Sales extraordinaire! He’s been with the company for nearly 15 years. He has an amazing talent for recruiting the right people to the team for a project. Let’s not forget about his military organization and strategy skills.  In short, he’s the guy you want on your team.  He has a passion for spending time with his friends and family, and loves his Jayhawks.  
  • Ken Lucci has been with the company for over 8 years, and has truly made himself indispensable. His understanding of our complex acoustical and mechanical challenges makes him an invaluable member of the team. He has brought many technological improvements to our process that have dramatically improved performance and efficiency. A fun fact about Ken, is that he is an amazing craftsman and has many hand-built motorcycles to his credit. 
  • Jordan Oeler is the latest addition to the team. He’s brought new blood and energy to our group. He has streamlined our operations and has pushed us to adapt to an environment of continuous improvement. You can find Jordan in his off time whipping up a fancy meal, gardening and scouring for new things to learn about.
  • Jack Gruber can be credited for installing most of our projects. He is truly a “Jack” of all trades, if you will. His deep bench of construction experience has allowed us to expand our capabilities dramatically.
  • Cory Lewis is our newest installation guru. He’s a real craftsman with unrelenting attention to detail. We can always count on his team to be on deck and ready to help with last-minute installations and fill in when needed. Cory’s team is known for their professionalism, perfection, and punctuality. 

We’ve created a relaxed environment where there are no job titles. Everyone on the team wears different hats; sometimes we wear a few at once! We expect our customers to receive the best result possible. This drives us to do whatever it takes to get there. You could say we like to over-deliver a bit. Together, our people are why Oeler Industries, Inc. has been able to deliver supreme satisfaction to our customers.

A Walk Down Memory Lane 

Way back in the day, Oeler Industries, Inc. was working in a large government board room applying acoustic elements to tune the room. Someone dropped a can of spray adhesive that landed in a toolbox. The can was punctured and it soared like fireworks in the room. To prevent it from covering the room with glue, Matt dove on it, covering himself from head to toe with sticky contact adhesive. For days, everything he got near stuck to him. It could have been much worse had Matt not sprang into action!

Projects Over the Years

We’ve worked with PNC Tower, Rice Energy, Steel Nation, Lord Corporation, The August Wilson Center, and The State Theater in State College PA just to name a few. However, our dream project has more to do with the customer than the project itself. We enjoy working with clients who appreciate how excited we are about working with them.  We really enjoy our craft.  We hope that adds to the level of confidence our clients have in what we do.  They let us do what we do best.  It’s always a great result.

August Wilson Center for the Performing Arts | Pittsburgh, PA | Novawall Stretchwall Fabric System

Why Work with Oeler Industries, Inc.?

Oeler Industries, Inc. is a group of specialists driven by a true passion for our craft.  We believe that that passion shines through to the customers we serve.  Developing a relationship with our customers that is anchored by mutual trust has been the key to our longevity. Our commitment to doing the right thing every time is the key to our future. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some feedback from past customers:

  •  “I had these guys come out for an installation in my new home to mitigate the amount of bass traveling into my neighbor’s unit. They’re great! Very professional, and the installation team did a great job. I did full floor to ceiling and wall to wall panel coverings. Besides lowering the bass transmitted, it had the beneficial side effect of making audio sound better and it made my place quieter. The fabrics come in a bunch of different colors.” – Jeff W.
  •  “The ceiling treatment in my kitchen has totally transformed the way we entertain friends and family.  I don’t know why it’s not in every house!”  – Cara B.
  •  “It works so well that sometimes I have to open the chamber door to see if the compressor is still running.” – Gary H.

The Next Chapter

Over the last several years, Oeler Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing several Patent Pending products. We’ve collaborated with developers to improve our technologies and learn new ways to produce new products that are unique in their ability to improve the way we solve noise problems. We launched a new group that specializes in Mass Notification and Life Safety systems. These systems bring a new level of comprehensive emergency management to our clients. In addition, we are currently working towards better brand recognition.  People search for solutions in a completely different way than they did when we started 25 years ago. Our market has also grown tremendously, but it is still a niche. We want to make it easier for our customers to find us. We are looking to double the size of our marketing team to help spread the word nationwide!