Oeler Industries, corporate guests at Penn State Center for Acoustics and Vibration workshop

The Center for Acoustics and Vibration at Penn State University hosts an annual workshop, bringing together the thought leaders in acoustics and vibration from all around the world, to present their latest research and technologies.

Some of the idea’s discussed were the use of spring loaded honeycomb designs, reflection and micro-perforated designs, black holes of vibration absorption, mathematical animation of acoustic concepts, continuous noise monitoring, continuous vibration monitoring, Penn State Universities new Intellectual Property policies and their Anechoic room renovation.

2014 marked the 23rd annual workshop hosted by the CAV.  The CAV was created to foster the sharing of information between researchers and industry to strengthen research in related engineering areas.

Wim Desmut, from KU Leuven in Belgium discussed their research in the use of metamaterials for sound absorption, and the possibility of using 3D printers to produce spring loaded masses to achieve a 15dB drop without adding additional weight to a structure.

Li Cheng, from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University discussed his research in the area of noise control through the use of micro-perforated panels and the effects of their application in irregular shaped cavities.

Daniel Russell, a professor of acoustics at Penn State demonstrated his animations which illustrate acoustics, vibration, wave and oscillation concepts.

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The workshop ended with a tour of the recently renovated anechoic room.  We put together a brief video about.