Taking Sound to New Heights – Kitchen Spotlight

Consider What Your Environment Sounds Like

We strive to provide the best acoustical products and services in the industry. We know that a comfortable acoustical environment contributes greatly to productivity, safety, and health. This residential kitchen is just an example of how we can change any environment and make it more enjoyable to the ear.

“My husband and I both come from big families, so when we host family things, a minimum number is like 45 – 50 people. It makes it really hard to communicate. What happens is everyone just keeps talking louder and louder – and you have this conversation going on that’s really loud and another conversation over here going on that’s really loud. It becomes just louder as more people come in and everybody just talks louder to try and hear each other and be heard.”

-Cara B, Homeowner

We gather with friends and family to enjoy each other’s company. Our solutions transform spaces so that we can communicate.

“Honestly, since this has been installed, it has made such a difference in the space, and it’s so much more enjoyable to be in here with a big crowd of people. Just from me speaking from before when I was interviewed to now [after installation], I can tell that there’s a big difference in the echo, where now there IS no echo. Now that we have the acoustic panels on the ceiling, I’m really excited to have a gathering with our family. The crew that came in to install it was amazing. They were so efficient, they were so clean throughout the whole process. I didn’t know what to expect in how it would look whenever it was completed and what I could see, but now that they’re installed, I can’t even tell that they’re there. We’re really excited to host family events and friends again because now that this is installed, I know it’s going to be even more enjoyable than what it was before.”

Oeler Industries, Inc. can transform any environment to make it more enjoyable and productive, whether we’re providing acoustical solutions for the workplace, auditorium, or anywhere in the world.

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