What You Really Need to Know About Mass Notification Systems

Mass Notificaiton Systems

What Are Mass Notification Systems?

Mass notifications systems are a vital part of an organization’s risk management and life safety program, ensuring the security of a building and personnel when dealing with critical situations. The systems are designed to notify and alert groups of people of potential threats or emergencies, along with providing direction on how to respond to the situation. No one can predict disaster events, but they can be managed by instating a mass notification system within an office, school or healthcare facility to keep people safe.

Keep Your Staff Safe

When disaster strikes, companies need to have a way to alert their staff effectively and quickly. Emails often get clogged with spam and are cluttered with other messages. Your staff should not have to sift for information regarding their safety or important updates. That is where a mass notification system comes into play. Everyone within the organization can be notified at any time via diverse channels with a single click. Your staff can be assured that their safety is your company’s top priority by utilizing a mass notification system.

Student Safety

Students are the heart of schools and our communities and should be able to focus on their quest for knowledge, not whether or not their school is a safe place to learn. A lot of school districts, universities, and colleges are doing their part to keep their students and staff safe by integrating mass notification systems into their emergency management programs. Using a mass notification system, empowered individuals can send out alerts for extreme weather or school closures, notify of an active shooter scenario, inform staff of IT and power outages, and countless other emergency situations. Students, staff, parents, and authorities can be notified within seconds. Reducing communication latency can help prevent panic and uncertainty by keeping everyone informed in real time. A robust mass notification system can not only handle emergency situations, but also day-to-day activities such as reporting attendance to parents, sending lunch account balance reminders, informing of any policy changes, and updates on school events.

Helping Healthcare

Healthcare is no stranger when it comes to emergencies, which is why implementing a mass notification system is immensely beneficial for hospitals and patient care facilities. In a fast paced environment, it can be easy for information to be misheard or for someone to miss the message entirely.  With mass notification systems, healthcare professionals will be able to communicate to all their staff and patients.  An effective system enables fast, easy and accurate communication within healthcare facilities.

Our Goal

Oeler Industries brings its legacy of creating clarity from chaos to your risk management program by offering a mass notification system that delivers information in a clear and intelligible manner.  With our people-first focus, our team will work with you to craft the right solution for your organization.