Using Novawall for Your Project’s Acoustics

The variety of workspaces in a modern office building creates acoustic challenges that often need custom solutions.  When adding absorption to space, acoustic panels are a great idea, but as anyone who has built something knows, sometimes “standard sizes” don’t end up fitting a finished space as well as you might think.  A floor that is just a touch out of level or a door jamb that isn’t just right means prefabricated panels sometimes don’t give you that “fits like a glove” look.  

The versatility of the Novawall track means the final look of the product is limited only by fabric availability and imagination.  Even large projects, from office buildings to theaters and beyond, can be completed within weeks of order placement, allowing project management teams the flexibility of scheduling installation at the very end of their project.  

Especially after spending months or years designing a new space, fit and finish are critical!  That’s where Novawall comes in.  There are several great reasons to consider using the award-winning Novawall system on any project.  Aside from the fact that Novawall can be custom-tailored to meet the acoustical design requirements of virtually any other acoustic panel, Novawall is a field-fabricated acoustic solution, allowing our team of highly-skilled, factory-certified professionals to make the minor adjustments needed to give the finished space that “Wow!” factor.  

With a lifetime guarantee on the Novawall track and the ability to replace the fabric in minutes, the Novawall system is designed to stand the test of time.  Visit our inspiring Novawall Gallery at for ideas, and let us know how we can help transform your space.