Ceiling Absorbers

Acoustic ceiling absorbers are the ideal solution for large spaces with reverberation problems such as shopping malls, gymnasiums, office spaces, or conference rooms. Sound travels in all directions and will bounce off of any hard reflective surfaces in a space including the ceiling. Ceiling absorbers work by controlling the vertical, first reflections of a sound instance thus reducing overall sound levels and improving speech intelligibility. In some spaces such as performance venues, ceiling absorbers are commonly used in conjunction with acoustic wall panels and diffusers to properly tune the room. Ceiling absorbers come in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials for use in both architectural and industrial applications.

In addition to having an NRC Rating, (Noise Reduction Coefficient), Acoustic Ceiling Panel may also be rated in CAC, (Ceiling Attenuation Class), and AC, (Articulation Class). NRC is the average of the sound absorption coefficients in the 1/3 octave bands centered at 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 2000 Hz, and is used to measure how well a material absorbs sound. CAC measures the ability of a ceiling panel to block sound, and AC measures how well a ceiling panel prevents sound from reflecting sound back into adjacent workspaces in an open plan environment.

Acoustic Ceiling TileAcoustic Ceiling Tiles are available for standard T-Grid suspended ceilings, or glue on applications with a variety of sizes, colors, edge detail, and facings. A good acoustic ceiling tile should have a minimum NRC of 0.80. Barrier ceiling tiles are also available with a 1 or 2 PSF mass loaded vinyl barrier on one side with a foil backing. Barrier ceiling tiles are used to stop noise transmission between floors, or to stop noise from flanking over walls that are not constructed to the top of the plenum. Standard mineral fiber ceiling tiles available at local home improvement stores are rated at 0.60 or below and will not perform as well as a high performance acoustic tile. Read More –>

Acoustic BafflesAcoustic Baffles are meant to hang vertically down from a ceiling and are an economical and effective way to treat reverberation problems in large rooms. Acoustic baffles are available with a fiberglass or melamine core, in a variety of facings and colors for every application. Baffles can be fabricated with grommets along the top edge for quick and easy installation. Read More –>


WoodTrends Basic Ceiling PanelsAcoustic Wood Ceiling Panels offer the beauty of real wood with the added benefit of acoustic performance. Acoustic wood ceiling panels are fabricated in a variety of configurations to meet a majority of acoustical requirements. Perforated rigid materials, in conjunction with absorptive backings, allow for aesthetically pleasing finishes along with exceptional acoustic performance. Read More –>

Catenary BannersCatenary Banners are hung horizontally to a ceiling in a wave pattern and are ideal for large open spaces requiring high absorption while maintaining an ascetically pleasing appearance. Catenary Banners are fabricated from a one or two inch thick 2 PCF fiberglass core with a PVC, sailcloth, or fabric facing, and can be made up to 4’ x 25’. Catenary banners are easily installed on ceilings utilizing aircraft cable attached to the pre-installed grommets. Read More –>

Ceiling CloudsCeiling Clouds are rigid ceiling absorbers hung horizontally with eye hooks or T-Grid attachment. Ceiling clouds are fabricated with a 6-7 PCF fiberglass core wrapped in a fabric facing and are available in ½”, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2” thicknesses with maximum sizes up to 4’ x 10’. Read More –>