QFA-1 Quilted Fiberglass Absorber Rolls


The Industrial QFA -1 Rolls consist of a 1″ quilted fiberglass
absorber with a vinyl facing on one side and a scrim facing on the opposite
, and are used to reduce the reflection of sound waves or reverberant
noise energy within a piece of equipment, a room, or a building. All products
have a Class A flammability rating (per ASTM E-84 ).

Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers are fire safe, high performance acoustical fiberglass
blankets that are used to reduce reverberant (reflected) airborne noise energy
in many diverse industrial and architectural applications as well as on original
equipment. They are an excellent alternative to urethane foams since they are
fire safe, exhibit low smoke emissions and possess high mechanical strength.
Additionally, they have a wide range of temperature limits, can be cleaned,
and are unaffected by moisture, humidity, dust, dirt, oils and most chemicals.
Flexible quilted absorbers are easily installed, will not degrade, and have
extremely long service lives.


  • Reduce reverberation
  • Add sound absorption to environment
  • Lower noise levels
  • Tone room, turn hard reflective surfaces into soft, sound absorptive surfaces
  • Improve communication


  • 4’x 25′ Rolls
  • Vinyl facing on one side, scrim facing on the opposite side
  • Diamond pattern for superior performance
  • Available in bound or unbound edges
  • Vinyl facings are available in white, tan, black, or gray.


  • Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Cloth (VCFC) – Standard
  • Breaking Strength (warp and fill): 150 lb./in. and 100 lb./in.
  • Tear Strength (warp and fill): 8lb. and 7lb. respectively
  • Continuous Service Temperature Limits: -20‹F to 180‹F
  • Moisture Permeability: 0.5 Perms
  • Color: Gray, White, Tan, Black, (special colors available upon request)
  • Other: Passes UL-181 Heat Aging Test


  • Composition: 100% nonwoven nylon
  • Fabric Weight: 0.7 oz. per square yard
  • Tear Strength (warp and fill): 6 lb. and 5 lb. respectively
  • Temperature Limit: Continuous exposure to 400‹F


  • 2 lb./cu. ft. density, 4-6 microns
  • Thermal gRh Rating: 1″ th. R =4, 2″ th R=8


Sound Absorption Data   Random Incident Sound Absorption
Octave Band Center Frequencies (HZ)
Model No. Nominal Thickness 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
QFA-1 1 inch .12 .47 .85 .84 .64 .62 .70

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Weight 100 lbs
Vinyl Facing Color

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