Sound Isolation Clips


Sound-Isolation-ClipSound Isolation Systems are primarily used to interrupt the flow of energy from one material to the next. For example, if you had two rooms with a common wall, you would need to separate, or decouple the drywall from the studs to stop the transmission of sound waves.

Structural born noise is often the hardest to deal with. You need a high mass and an air space as mentioned above so that there is no positive structural contact. For example, in the case of a hard floor above the listening environment you would need to decouple the floor joists from the ceiling joists. The most common and effective way to do this is to use resilient sound isolation clips.

Sound Isolation Clips are used to eliminate structural borne noise by breaking the connection between the room that contains the noise source and the outside world. This is called acoustic de-coupling or sound isolation. RSIC-1 Resilient Isolation Clips use a patented rubber isolator that isolates the gypsum board or plywood from the structure reducing noise transfer by 75 to 100%, adding 15 to 20 STC and IIC points to existing assemblies. The clips fasten directly to the framing creating a 1 5/8” cavity between the face of the framing and the back of the gypsum board. With an acoustical design load rating of 36 lbs per isolator, the RSIC-1 can support up to two layers of 5/8″ gypsum board when spaced at 24″ x 48″ OC. For heavier systems, you just need to increase the number of isolators to support the additional weight of the system.

Resilient Sound Isolation Clips are available in a variety of configurations and hardware options to isolate structure borne noise sources over a wide array of additional applications such as floor joist isolation, garage door motor and rail isolation, dropped ceiling isolation, HVAC equipment isolation, loudspeaker isolation, flat screen television isolation, and many more!








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