Stretch Wall Fabric System


Acoustical stretched fabric systems are site installed, highly customizable acoustic wall and ceiling systems that seamlessly integrate with architectural design. The system utilizes a proprietary track that is stapled to the existing substrate. An absorbent or tackable core such as 6-7 PCF fiberglass is then cut and stapled inside the track. An acoustically transparent fabric is cut and tightly tucked into the track around the entire perimeter providing a perfect fit and finish eliminating any gaps or sagging. Stretched fabric systems offer architects extreme design flexibility without sacrificing quality sound control.

Novwall Edge DetailNovawall® is the time-tested standard for stretched wall and ceiling fabric systems. Their patented site-fabricated system molds and adapts to any architectural concept insuring a meticulous finish. Novawall®’s broad palette of track styles and virtually infinite combinations of fabrics, colors, patterns, textures, custom graphics, and acoustic and tackable cores allow architects to bring life and inspiration to wall and ceiling designs.

The Novawall® Novaspan® Systems are wide span systems incorporating Novawall® extrusions and the Novaspan® textile for use on large areas and ceilings. There are two widths available 130” and 192”. The Novaspan® fabric is available in white and custom colors and can be vacuumed lightly with a clean upholstery brush for routine cleaning.

Using the Typical NOVAWALL Details, architects are free to specify:
  • Panel Thickness
  • Fabric
  • Core Material
  • Panel Width and Height
  • Panels that Incorporate Curves as viewed in Elevation or Plan
  • Non-Right Angles in Elevation or Plan (Right angles are not mandatory)
  • Dramatic Grid Configurations


While all Novawall® profiles can utilize a wide range of contract fabrics, some fabrics are better suited to certain Novawall® profiles. Other issues with fabric have to do with yarn content, acoustical transparency, and the use of a lining material to eliminate optical transparency. Fabrics are designed for specific applications, a fabric manufactured for one purpose, may not be adaptable for another use. All Fabrics must be certified by their manufacturer as meeting national and local fire codes. The only test procedure that is acceptable by the national building codes for establishing the Class for a stretch fabric application is the ASTM E84 Unadhered (Steiner Tunnel Test). A certified Novawall® distributor can guide you in fabric selection.


Novawall® uses only trained and authorized distributors to install their systems insuring consistent quality while offering the longest warranty in the industry. All Novawall® extrusions, Greenfill® cores, and Novaspan® textiles are made in the U.S.A.


Novawall Systems Inc. is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and sits on the ASTM E 84 committee. Novawall has researched national and local fire code requirements extensively. Installation of stretched-fabric panel systems in non-sprinkled spaces requires compliance with NFPA-265 (Corner Burn Test). In certain areas of the United States this test is the only accepted test accepted as described in the Local Codes. The NFPA-265 Test Report for NOVAWALL’S 1” thick panel system certifies compliance with this standard.


Novawall Systems, Inc. is committed to their clients needs and offers a product line that will promote the design and implementation of a healthy sustainable building with minimal impact on the environment while remaining in complete compliance with fire and safety codes as well as maintaining superior product quality

The NOVAWALL System can be “green”, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. The NOVAWALL® System is able to contribute to certain credits within the LEED Rating Systems depending on the materials chosen to configure the system.

The LEED credits that NOVAWALL may contribute too are as follows:

  • Recycled Content
  • Regional Materials
  • Rapidly Renewable Materials
  • Low-Emitting Materials Adhesives and Sealants

NOVAWALL Systems, Inc. will provide the required documentation for LEED accreditation for credit contributions provided for the NOVAWALL® installed in your project. The required calculations are computed using EcoScorecard SM, our LEED contribution calculator designed specifically for NOVAWALL Systems, Inc.