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Oeler Industries Incorporated specializes in Acoustics - it's all we do! We hope that you'll find this website to be informative and useful. If you have an issue with noise or vibration, we can help. Please feel free to call us at 1-877-40-NOISE, or e-mail us at

  "Consider what your environment sounds like ... or doesn't sound like. Whether your workspace is a corporate office or a heavy industrial facility, excessive noise can be distracting and dangerous. At Oeler Industries, Inc., we understand that a comfortable acoustic environment contributes greatly to productivity and safety. We also understand the challenges of achieving those objectives. With an appreciation for aesthetically pleasing designs and detail, we will customize a solution for you."  


Education - A glossary of Acoustics Terms & Misconceptions

Tools - Handy elements to help you understand and quantify your acoustic need.


Absorption - Absorption materials are used to control sound within a space.

Blocking - Sound blocking products are used to prevent sound from leaving a space.

Covering (Sound Masking) - Sound Masking products are used to dynamically cover unwanted sounds with a more desirable sound.

Sound Isolation - Sound Isolation can be defined as the degree of acoustical separation between two locations, especially adjacent rooms.


Many items are available to purchase online! - If you know what you need get it here! If you're not sure how to handle your particular application or simply have a question, call us for a free consultation at 1-877-40-NOISE.

Sound Absorption   Sound Blocking   Sound Masking

Absorption panels can be used to control harsh reflections, reduce reverberation time, or eliminate echo. Absorption panels can also be used to reduce the propagation of sound in otherwise open areas (i.e., down a long hallway).



Sound Blocking is commonly called sound proofing and is used to block sound from transmitting into adjacent areas or workstations. In general, if the source of unwanted sound is generated in another room, space, or from the outside and is transferring through a wall, ceiling, or floor into your space, then you need sound blocking products.


Privacy and noise are big issues in open offices. In addition, in healthcare and related service fields, protecting sensitive patient information is not just a top priority, it is the law. The potential for oral disclosure is seen by some to be the most serious of all the risks. The good news: installing a sound masking system is a cost-effective solution.


Marcellus Noise Control

Marcellus Noise Control

With the increase of oil and gas production in urban areas, environmental impact has become a critical issue. Having to meet local, state, and federal noise related ordinances can make site operations more difficult and costly to perform. Oeler Industries utilizes a site-by-site acoustical analysis to identify, predict, and mitigate noise levels, insuring that gas and oil well operators can meet enviromental standards in a productive and cost effective manner.

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