Oil And Gas Drilling


With the increase of oil and gas production in urban areas, environmental impact has become even more of a critical issue. Having to meet local, state, and federal noise related ordinances can make site operations more difficult and costly to perform. Oeler Industries Inc. utilizes a site-by-site acoustical analysis to identify, predict, and mitigate noise levels, insuring that gas and oil well operators can meet environmental standards in a productive and cost effective manner.

The horizontal shale drilling process is a noisy operation. In populated or noise sensitive areas, the appropriate sound abatement treatment is to enclose the perimeter of the drilling site with a sound curtain. Sound curtain panels mounted on our own proprietary frame can be configured around the site as required to offer effective noise reduction for adjacent neighborhoods and communities. The height, length, and layout of the sound wall are designed to meet the sound control requirements of the site.

There are a wide variety of exterior grade sound curtain products that can bring your drilling site operation into compliance with local noise ordinance requirements. Exterior sound walls are specifically designed to effectively block fracking and drilling related noise from spreading into the surrounding environment while allowing for quick and efficient installation and removal after the project is completed. Wall systems can be purchased or leased for your jobsite.

Once the drilling is complete and the natural gas is ready to be pumped through the pipeline, a properly designed compressor station is required. A critical design element will be to incorporate appropriate acoustical treatments for that building. In addition to items such as exhaust silencers, the building should include an acoustic liner. The most effective acoustic lining treatments utilize acoustic composites that include a good sound barrier, and a sound absorber/decoupler in one product. We can offer complete turnkey new building construction as well as treatment of existing structures. Whether utilizing single or multiple compressor sets, we can offer an effective resolution to your noise problem. We rely on our extensive varied background in acoustics to make the right decision for every customer, as each individual situation is different.

For long term applications where noise and vibration quality compliance information and/or threshold alerting is needed, today’s modern technology provides for real time Web based monitoring specifically designed to enable industry to monitor and report compliance with environmental restrictions and to help manage impact.


If you need help with any aspect of noise abatement at your facilities and drill sites, call us toll free at 1-877-406-6473 or email us at sales@oeler.com.